VALUE+, EMPLOYEES AS VALUERS. This book is the second in a series written expressly for our corporate, organizational and global clients. In recent years, topics of great import both to the field of organizational psychology and to the betterment of organizations have surfaced during the course of my firm’s work.

In each case the issues were of extraordinary and immediate import to the continued efficacy of corporations in the 21st Century. And as such have prompted incorporation of technical descriptions of the focus issue as well as organizational strategies and remedies into one of our easy-to-access SmallBooks®. The first in the series is ALL THE MOVING PARTS: ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT. The book, originally written at the request of our corporate clients, deals specifically with the need for companies and organizations undergoing change to incorporate all changes under the rubric of a macro-change orientation. ALL THE MOVING PARTS describes why this must be so.

VALUE+ addresses a different but related organizational issue. Organizations today struggle with attempts at engaging their employees in the business and direction of the company. And, by the way, use of the term “employee” connotes the inclusion of both management as well as line employees in the intent of the discussion. It is very difficult and often daunting for corporate and organizational leaders to gain support of their employees in valuing business enterprise and in responding with serious purpose to the requirements of business responsibilities and corporate articulation.

For the first time in the 21st Century, the VALUE+ of ADDING VALUE THROUGH EMPLOYEES opens the chapter on the topic and offers courageous and insightful approaches along with easy-to-follow strategies for those who care about organizations and who are dedicated to their survival.

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