Unions and Dogma

I’ve just had a revelation about the problem with unions in modern times. In an era when corporations are struggling to understand the things I discuss in THE BLAIR RULES, unions have not moved an inch from the dogma of their foundlings. Thus, by not grappling with the issues of the modern world where global markets and the vagaries of those markets rule, unions will be held back by this lack of modernization. Consequently, the same thing that I say about corporations who refuse to look at change operations and the necessities for action by management in the 21st Century applies to unions and their management, as well. I offer this quote from THE BLAIR RULES to guide and instruct the conversation: “What is drastically different for modern organizations . . . is the critical need to be able to acknowledge and use the chronic presence of change and chaos and the dramatic differences that those two elements play in the need for┬áleaders who can imbue a strong sense of urgency and a serious sense of teamwork and collaboration among the organization’s extended population – employees, consumers, suppliers, and policy makers,” p. 173.
For the first time in a long while, union leaders and their members need to “come to the table” – in the truest sense – and to roll up their sleeves and get ready to share in the real changes to the way that business is done.

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