Today’s News Postings

Looking over the news from the past few days, I’ve noted that there has been an inordinate amount of activity stemming from companies that I frequently feature in my books – primarily, for their good business practices. It seems appropriate to cover some of these topics in the initial post for the new book, THE BLAIR RULES: A STRATEGIC GUIDE TO ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT. The recent headlines read: “Oracle Presses Google Case;” “Apple Rides iPhone Frenzy;” “Wal-Mart Innocents Abroad” / “Wal-Mart’s Mexican Mess;” and “Amazon Adds Lab, Industrial Goods Via Web.” So, Oracle, Apple, Wal-Mart, and Amazon are going about business – taking the rub when it comes to that (Wal-Mart in a country that demands bribes in order to do business – welcome to the real world, Americans!); or standing up for themselves when it comes to that (Oracle against Google’s “innocent” incursions – as in, “We did nothing wrong [Google];”) or making the most of good design/development opportunities (Apple and the iPhone – while those who would enjoy seeing the company stumble are already reporting that “they can’t ride high forever – their fortunes are sure to turn soon)”; and Amazon taking care of business with a new website designed to open a battlefront and take on traditional retailers like Home Depot and Staples – the competition should be good for both – Home Depot has finally started to dig themselves out of their hole by hiring and training better personnel – people who will actually ask if you need help – and then supply it; maybe Apple’s incursion will prompt Staples to do the same, which is badly needed if the company is to survive.
It’s good to see some of my favorite companies going about their business – in sincere and unflappable ways – I’d welcome your comments on the ongoing sagas of companies interacting with the scenarios that make up their specific paths to organizational change management.

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