The WSJ had a small article on page B5 of its December 14, 2016 edition that touted “Women CEOs Bolster Sales, Report Says.” A picture of Meg Whitman was shown at the head of the article. I focused on the article because there’s certainly no data that can show that Meg Whitman has boosted sates during her tenure at Hewlett Packard. So, in paragraph one, the article says: “Companies hoping to boost financial performance and solve the gender pay gap could solve those issues all at once by hiring a woman as chief executive.”  Oh, really, based on what evidence? Wait for it . . . In the second paragraph it states: “Women who took over from male chief executives increased sales per employee by about 14% . . .” yadda, yadda. And, only in the third paragraph, mid-way down that paragraph (the first part was taken up saying, “Women CEOs also narrowed the pay gap between men and women . . .” yadda, yadda. And . . . I mentioned that you’d have to wait for it! Mid-way down the third paragraph, they cite that the study was done in ITALY and focused on Italian workers, between the years 1982 and 1997. So, twenty years agothis was found to be the case – in Italy! How does one spell FAKE NEWS?????

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