Shopping at WalMart on Memorial Weekend

Our local WalMart Super Store is my very favorite for shopping – for everything. I’d just returned from business travel and needed to gather basic supplies, so raced through the heavy shopping traffic in the store to retrieve the items and then on to the check-out counter. Thus, this is another-in-a-series of my chronicles of encounters with Millennials. The check-out lane that I chose had a young, male checker whose arms were literally flying over the items, clearing those in line expeditiously. My kind of checker! I immediately joined the line, placed items on the conveyor belt, and he was checking my items before I finished that task. The fact that he was a typical Millennial – monosyllabic and mumbling his words – bothered me not at all. He was perfect for the job – a salute to the unknown Millennial checking at WalMart! He is likely to rise through the ranks at the company – and the upper ranks of WalMart are very beneficial to those who occupy management slots – very good compensation, good benefits, and more opportunity for advancement. Here’s to Millennials working at WalMart.

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