September, 2017


The results of the hurricane in Texas have been both appalling and inspiring. Appalling when one views the effects of the forces of nature that can be unleashed on humans and their surroundings. But distinctly inspiring and uplifting to see the effective efforts of overcoming devastation through the outpouring of assistance, love, and dedication-to-task by those who rushed to provide creatively-inspired rescue efforts for the people and animals in the affected areas.

As we approach the Labor Day holiday, the experiences of Texas and the lesson provided there should resound across the nation. What we have learned from the Texas disaster and from Texans who supported each other and responders who added their efforts is that our daily lives should not just be about what we do as individuals (the jobs we go to, the work that we do there). Instead, the Texas Lesson needs to be that what we do on a daily basis should also include supporting others, and, therefore, laboring together. These are the actions that are needed in America at this point in time. The Texas disaster, for all of its pain, agony, loss of life and property, has clearly demonstrated a way forward for the country. I encourage businesses and corporations to take to heart what has been revealed through the good work of laboring together during this disastrous experience.Go to the Forum

Dr.Billie Blair
Change Strategists, Inc.

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