ALL THE MOVING PARTS American Airlines Is Getting Smarter

I’ve been arguing with United Airlines officials for years that the people who buy the First Class tickets are more valuable and spending more money with the airlines than the 10K fliers that they seem to idolize (10K’s board first on United and, on a recent United flight, were given meal preferences in the First Class section before the¬†paying¬†First Class passengers were allowed to order). American Airlines has finally gotten wise to the logic that paying First Class passengers and others who spend more money with the airline, (than do typically those who are 10Kers, flying at the cheapest rates in order to rack up the miles and upgrade to First Class on subsequent flights) are of more monetary value – Wow! Big Surprise there. American, therefore, is in the process of switching to the “revenue model,” adjusting their frequent flier program to favor bigger spenders. Effective August 1, 2016, for those of you who are interested. And, to be fair, United has also made these changes – thus, perhaps my years of hammering these truths home to United has, indeed, borne fruit!

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