Millennial Encounters

Today’s millennial encounter involves a young woman who decided to join me at a conference room table (she came in late, as Millennials so frequently do). I had already distributed my 2 cellphones and the iPadPro that I planned to use during the session. The round table had chairs arranged around it that were all facing forward. She chose the chair that would have blocked my view of the speaker had she have occupied it. Millennial-like (that is, ‘entitled’) she said ‘may I join you’ (as she sat down). My response was, ‘Certainly, so long as you don’t block my view of the podium’ – a fact that she hadn’t registered or simply didn’t care about. Her response was, ‘Well if I do, we can have a little conversation about it.’ My rejoinder was, ‘You’ll have to move your chair to the left.’ (She did want to have a “little conversation” did she not?) At which point, she got the point – that I wasn’t going to indulge her rude behavior (as I’m sure her parents and teachers always have). Ah, well, a lesson learned for another Millennial.

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