The earlier problems were mostly solved by DIRECTV’s rebooting of their system. Even though cable companies like to pretend that the problem is on YOUR end of the cable when you call in, this rarely is the case. However, even though that problem was solved, they have, of course, managed to generate another one. I typically refuse to watch the programming on Fox Cable News between 5pm and 7pm PDST, because it is ghastly. Thus, I am in the habit of switching over to Newsmax (a new channel that does a credible job) during that time period. (I should explain for those who are new to these pages, that I don’t actually “watch” tv, but rather listen to it while I’m in the kitchen preparing food for our four dogs. Thus, Newsmax is always a pleasant and informative alternative during that time period.) However, there have been repeated announcements on the Newsmax channel that they would be moving to Channel 366 this week. But, WE didn’t move to that channel – the “channel is unavailable.” There is an announcement on the old channel site that we are to go to (don’t you love the name!) for more information about Newsmax. And, wouldn’t you know . . . the site is absolutely VOID of any content. A call to DIRECTV directly (I’ve just realized that DIRECTV is definitely a misnomer – the service is FAR from direct!), provides no help – The technical service fellow seemed stunned, in fact, to learn that the new Newsmax channel might not be coming up. And, of course, in the process of “solving the problem,” (which they haven’t yet), they want to drag you through all sorts of questions about where the receiver is located in the house, etc – what possible business of theirs could that be; we have only one receiver! This kind of “service” is absolutely maddening – I always like to tell them that they provide “non-service” – the antithesis of providing customers with good service or, even any kind of service at all. AT&T/DIERCTV – the poster child for poor customer service!

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