The capers of union leadership are often humorous – but the recent SEIU attempt to unionize McDonald’s and others “takes the cake,” as they say in the South. SEIU “bought” a large number of so-called protesters to stand outside these stores demanding that they unionize and increase salaries to $15/hour. (These are professional protestors, by the way, who are not unionized.) Well, as it turned out, SEIU had hired so many protestors that the protestors themselves (who, as we’ve said, weren’t unionized and who were not paid a salary of $15/hour) decided to petition SEIU to allow them to unionize, so that they could have better salaries. Their representative was prevented from turning in the unionizing petition to SEIU headquarters. The reason given by SEIU for denying access to unionize was – are you ready for this – that they didn’t actually hire the protestors from SEIU-central, but that they were hired by the SEIU locals. Isn’t that absolutely perfect – McDonald’s has long argued that they do not “own” all the McDonald’s out there – a large number of which are owned by franchisees. I love this story and in case you’re questioning whether it could possibly be true, it was reported in the Wall Street Journal in its Sept 3/4, 2016 edition. My reason for recounting it (other than it is a great story that readers of the FORUM will enjoy) is that these kind of activities really do throw wrenches in the works of companies who are trying very hard to get ALL THE MOVING PARTS moving together.

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