Dealings with Texas PUC and SOAH folks . . .

It seems somewhat fitting to start the new HOW TO BUILD A FIRE blog with discussion about my recent experiences sitting in PUC/SOAH hearing rooms, listening to the exchanges between the hearing judge and ECEL Energy – who insist on putting a v high voltage line through prime farm land in West Texas, for energy service to . . . not Texans, but Oklahomans – so Texans are going to give up their land so that Oklahomans can have . .. more energy – I thought we were trying to get away from that in this country – ?! (Read that “service to Oklahomans” as actually service to ECEL Energy’s bottom line.) We’ll get to the HOW TO BUILD A FIRE focus in a minute, but first, I wanted to mention these incredulous experiences – you’ve all heard about the term “railroading” – well, this is the best example of it that I’ve seen – in all of my 30-year career! I plan on going into great detail in my upcoming book, THE BUILDERS, but for now will simply say that for all of you who might be fans of the “railroading” philosophy of conducting business, it’s alive and well.

HOW TO BUILD A FIRE – I have a new book out titled, HOW TO BUILD A FIRE: THREE EASY TAKE-AWAYS FOR GETTING YOUR ORGANIZATION GOING! It’s available online (as an e-book) as well as on and our website ( for the print version. The book is very reasonably priced in an attempt to make it readily available to all – because the content is important for all business owners to read and understand. Success in 2012 hinges on understanding this concept as well as that of how to instigate a staff complement of valuing employees, as discussed in my last book, VALUE PLUS: EMPLOYEES AS VALUERS (2009).
FOR THIS BLOG TO MAKE PERFECT SENSE, YOU’LL NEED TO ACQUIRE A COPY OF HOW TO BUILD A FIRE. I’m going to pause for now; will plan to re-blog tomorrow with the topic “The Three Match Fire.”

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  1. I can sympathize with you! Dealing with any entity of this type can be trying to the point of screaming. My latest (and actually quite minor item) is trying to get a permit to add a patio BEHIND our house. Completely invisible from the street or from any neighbor. One neighbor even called the city offices in support. My contractor says ‘just do it!’ But, now that I have the city alerted I see their inspector’s car pass by much more frequently. Two months and counting … it is all about the permit money. I am not objecting to the ridiculous fee, have even asked the city bureaucrats to just tell me how much and what I need to do. I get response of: Zoning Analysis, Site/Material Inspection, Community Input, …. It has become so bureaucracy driven that an ordinary citizens can not handle even minor things without a lawyer or professional expeditor! Do we laugh or cry?

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