Chaotic events follow the instituting of changes: organizational, governmental or otherwise. That fact is one of the primary precepts that I’ve mentioned in all writings on organizational change management. Thus, for those who are intent upon instituting serious change, it’s well to remember this precept and to prepare for the fall-out that occurs during the chaotic adjustment period. And, for those of us watching and cheering an initiation of change – such as on the political scene – it’s well to continue to remind ourselves that that change cannot occur without concomitant elements of chaos and chaotic events. Thus, it’s well to further remind ourselves that it will be at least a year or more before the chaotic aspects resulting from change begin to abate and for the newly-minted changes to shine through. We’ll be pleased when they do, but, recall: that reaching this stage requires a measure of patience and faith in excellent outcomes on all our parts.

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