We’re told that all is well in the U.S. economy, although the GDP growth rate was only half of a percent in the first quarter of the year. (A 3% GDP growth rate is considered to be minimal to keep the economy moving.) ALL THE MOVING PARTS of the country appear to be having signifiant trouble during this time and American businesses are feeling the pinch.  Apple is trying a new approach of selling refurbished iPhones in India to broaden its market there. And wireless firms have come to take the approach of roaming the globe for customers: As witness, a team of network technicians, recently reported by the WSJ to have gone into Kosivska Poliana, Ukraine (a village population of less than 5,000) to install a cellphone tower for 3-G wireless service. That’s what one might call being hungry for any growth that might be found. Even News Corp, the parent company of the WSJ is feeling the pinch and has just reported a loss in the March Quarter, 2016. Typically a fairly robust company compared to other news agencies, News Corp reported a $149 million loss, or, 26 cents per share. A well-functioning economy in a well-functioning country requires that all parts move together. Since its inception, the U.S. has typically had successful growth runs where the economy was moving well, GDP was performing well (sometimes at 16% and higher), and full-time jobs (vs. the primarily part-time jobs available today) were easily found. The nation appears to be in a state of shock – nothing has worked in true U.S.-fashion for many years. And, the current political unrest is reflective of the fears that things might not be on track to work well in the future. Time will tell – but one thing is certain: things won’t begin to work well until all the factors that allow businesses to function well are in place once again: that is, ALL THE MOVING PARTS must be rolled out and made operational once again. There are elements of the economy that are currently being disparaged by certain political elements – taking away part of a vibrant economy is akin to taking away a human body part – nothing functions quite the same with a part missing.  Something to think about as we view the political landscape before us . . . 2016 is the time to make us or break us it seems.

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