As often as not, Big Logs have a propensity to have the fire go out of them, or to “burn out.” They then sit in the midst of the fire place, not having been fully utilized, and contributing nothing. As we did in the book, HOW TO BUILD A FIRE, let’s liken this scenario to the organization where “Big Logs,” that is, seasoned and often senior ranking employees simply lose their fire – and then sit in the organization, occupying prime placement and contributing very little. To solve the problem in real-life fire building and burning, Big Logs that have ceased to burn can be wrapped in newsprint/paper and re-lighted. To analogize to real life organizational situations, linking faltering Big Logs to fast-burning “paper” (PK, is the term used in the book) employees – in a reverse mentoring situation – can be revitalizing to the Big Logs as well as useful, career-wise, for those fast burning, quick-on-the-uptake, ready-to-jump-in-when-needed “PK” employees. If those of you running companies have had the opportunity of linking Big Logs with PKs I’d welcome hearing of your experiences and results. For a fast leg-up on the discussion, check out the e-books on our website – they’ll quickly provide the backgrounding that allows you to enter in.

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