Of all the components of organizational fire building, Big Logs are considered the most tedious. This is because these Big Logs have often reached the point in their careers where they operate as prima donnas and, thus, fall into the category of “high maintenance employees.” Among the components of the HME syndrome is one that concerns Big Logs that have “gone out” – in the literal terms of fire building. In other words, when you have a fire going and have reached the burning stage where Big Logs are a component of the fire, there are times when the Big Logs will simply cease to burn – or, “go out.” In these instances, it’s necessary to rejuvenate the Big Logs – Or, else, to dismiss them. There are many ways to accomplish regeneration – and we employ them all, variously, when we work with our corporate clients. But, overall, what the leader must achieve is to rekindle the Big Log’s interest and restart the fires of interest that once burned in his/her belly. I’d be happy to have the specific discussions of how to initiate these processes If you have case study instances to submit, please do so and we’ll discuss strategy for Big Logs.

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