As everyone knows who read these blogs regularly, I frequently recount instances and issues faced by Millennials as well as by those around them. This is yet another in that series: Millennials in search of resume building. The conception among Millennials seems to be that the way to build a resume quickly is to rush from job to job, spending a year or less at each and going on to another when the slightest discomfort is experienced. Millennials are especially sensitive to discomfort, since few have had to endure discomfort while growing up – things were made “easier” for them than for generations that preceded, wherein, teachers and parents alike regularly extolled their value and their “gifts;” and nowhere were they required to compete for a “sense of place” in the world (except, of course, for those few who elected to go in for sports). Millennials, thus, have a distorted sense of the world and, in particular, of the world of work. Few understand the concept that a part of work is making work work. That is, when things aren’t going all that well on a given day, the solution is not to quit, but to try other ways of making things work out – thereby, “making work work.” Giving up too soon can leave a lot of opportunities on the table, as well as contribute to trashing one’s resume – a series of jobs held for one year or less is a definite turn-off to those in positions of making hiring decisions – because the automatic assumption when seeing a resume consisting of short-term work stints is that the individual couldn’t get along well with others and, thus, likely can’t fit into an organization’s culture. “Sicking it out” seems to be one of the greatest challenges for Millennials. The solution, of course, is to apply the Rule of “Stick-to-it-ness” – that is, to pledge that when one takes a job, one will remain there for at least 3 years in order to obtain and give good value to the experience. Building a resume is about building a record of quality work experiences, not about notching as many work experiences as possible!

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