The Blair Rules and CEO Longevity

A CEO friend mentioned today that she had been recently been taken to task for being an organizational czarina – by which the commentator meant that she was always on top of things, making plans for all (or most) eventualities, and pressing to see the plans through to fruition. My comment: “That’s the only way that things get done.”
As you’ll note when reading THE BLAIR RULES: A STRATEGIC GUIDE TO ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT, those CEOs who have mastered these traits are the ones who are operating successfully in the modern day of frequent and chaotic change. Surprisingly, there are few who meet these necessary criteria for the 21st Century. Which brings up the topic frequently discussed in board rooms today – how to determine if it’s time to let the CEO go. I’d welcome your comments – Rules-of-thumb that we use to determine CEO longevity parameters are those included in THE BLAIR RULES – when the company is focusing on the past rather than the creative future, when there is an attempt to rest on laurels, when good efforts have turned into “good enough efforts”!

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