The Battle Between AMR and US Air

THE BLAIR RULES apply here! When you take a look at the stats of AMR vs. US Air they are truly telling, and the reason why AMR has had so much trouble instituting realistic change is clear. The stats are these: AMR flies 3,400 daily flights and has 80,000 employees (translates to an operating ratio of 24 employees per flight); US Air flies 3,200 daily flights with a complement of 32,000 employees (an operating ratio of 10 employees per flight). TRULY ASTOUNDING. Realistically, US Air manages the same number of flights as American with 48,000 fewer employees!!
Hey, folks – there’s a solution waiting! If US Airways can have a 90.6% on-time arrival record with 32,000 employees, it makes you wonder why American needs 80,000 employees to “accomplish” an 81.4% on-time arrival.
THE BLAIR RULES talk specifically about the fear of embracing change and the courage needed to do so. Time to man-up and make AMR sound again.

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