People are asking why there are fewer users of Twitter these days – I can provide the answer instantaneously – and also a way to build a fire under Twitter and make it the flourishing communication company that it once was. When I first started as a Twitter respondent, Twitter was a very different communication device than it is today. Back in the day, people used it exactly the way that Trump does today – we all used it as a clearinghouse to describe what was wrong and right in businesses. In other words, one could identify an airlines that had provided poor service, talk about tickets that were overpriced, and other such public service contributions. Today, other than Donald Trump, the Twitter respondents make nonsensical comments like tweeting out “a thought for the day” and other non-memorable, self-serving comments. When this unfortunate use of Twitter began, I stopped using it immediately and discontinued my account. I certainly didn’t have the time to read all those ridiculous narcissistic comments. So, as a helpful consult to Twitter – counsel your respondents to actually say something useful or interesting – we can all go to the internet for a compendium of “Thoughts for the Day.” It’s rare to find a clearinghouse that actually offers comments by people that we respect who describe their experiences in interacting with companies and their staffs and service, or lack thereof. Here’s to a new, “fired-up” Twitter in 2017!

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