July, 2017


We at Change Strategists, Inc. regularly discuss the characteristics of good leadership ability with our corporate clients. “Independence” and “honor” are two of those at the top of the list. We are granted the right to exhibit our independence of action and thought in the United States. The full use of independent characteristics, however, is not always employed to the best advantage in corporate circles. The same is true of honor. Honorable actions are expected of those is charge of companies and organizations; however, best intentions are sometimes cast aside for the sake of expediency.

When a manager is guided by characteristics of independence, thoughtfulness and honor, then that leader will be in a prime position to run a highly successful company that will set the tone for successful employees. On the other hand, a manager that tries to follow what others are doing, rather than using independent assessment and action for the company’s challenges, is one that will constantly flounder.

July of 2017 is the time for us all to dedicate our leadership toward actions that embrace these excellent traits. Our independence has been won through many acts of honor and valor through the years of the country’s existence. Because of these sacrifices, the country deserves leaders whose companies demonstrate the hard-won freedoms of independent and honorable purpose.

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Dr.Billie Blair
Change Strategists, Inc.

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