The times they are a-changing! (When have they not been, we, involved in the field of organizational change management psychological processes, would ask!) But, this year, there are 10 things that we’ll want to discuss that have the serious potential for changing your life – we’ll hope that’s for the better. For one thing, there will likely be more jobs available – at all levels – during 2017. Even if you are currently working and happy in your job, that movement will likely bring about changes for you – most of them good. There will be more hustle and bustle in the marketplace and that always brings the concomitant elements of excitement and creativity. For another thing, there will be more optimism in the country than has been experienced during the past few years – this, too, will change your life and your worklife. Thirdly, there will be more overall prosperity in the country – and the prosperity will be shared among the country’s citizens in a number of promising ways. For another thing, there will be so much more enterprise in the country, that this will be felt throughout the population. For another, the country will once again assume its rightful place as the world’s largest and most powerful country and there will, as a consequence, be greater respect engendered for all our country’s citizens and for the products that the country exports. This, too, will make our lives easier and less stressful. For another, there will greater pride-of-country experienced – something that has been seriously lacking in recent years. We will no longer have a leader that “apologizes” about us to the world (making us feel small and unaccomplished) but one that will ensure we are accorded our rightful place for all the effort and modern advances that we have developed for the marketplace. And, seventh, there will be numerous technological changes that will either be experienced in 2017, or talked about widely – such as the driverless car. Some of these will be causes for concern, but others will indeed be useful. For example, while I would love to be chauffeured to work by a “driverless,” the thought really does produce a level of concern; on the other hand, I’d be delighted to have a small robot roaming around the house that could run a vacuum and do other housekeeping chores. (And,yes, we’ve tried the Roomba without being at all impressed!) Eighth, when we get back in charge of our internet, some of those technological changes will have serious effect on the growth of the internet-based media and the further demise of print media operations. This change, also, will provide a more balanced approach/access to items that are truly newsworthy. Ninth, there will be greater energy experienced among the population and more overall participation in things that really count. This will make lives easier and make choices clearer for children. And, tenth, there will be a tsunami of movement in all the nation’s organizations and corporations – this, too, will make our lives better and allow us to leave behind all the ugly and combative concerns that were forced on us during the past few years and, thus, concentrate on better advancements for all!

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