A management lesson that desperately needs to be learned by those in retail management is that one does not mix retailing business with politics. That’s not to say that retailers can not donate to whomever they’d like during political elections – But once the election process has taken place, they need to go back to paying attention to what they get paid for (and what customers expect from them. that is, they need to get back to running a really fine business with good business principles. Target Stores learned this lesson the hard way during ; the last year with their nonsensical idea that anyone could use any dressing room/wash room. As a consequence of the public’s reaction to their political statement that was intended to be a policy in favor of transgender practices but seen by the public as a threat to young girls and women, the public’s reaction has been to boycott the store, Thus, on today’s market, Target’s stock price is the only one losing out in a booming market where other retailers are doing exceptionally well. Nordtrom’s is in the process of learning the same lesson, apparently thinking it “cool” to rip a product line out of the store in retaliation for the winning of a presidential election. As I say, the management lesson here – and one that our dogs know hands-down (paws-down) – is that you go about your OWN business, you don’t poke your nose into the business or politics of those “moving parts” outside your company.

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