June, 2017

Standing on Principle

Standing on principle is a practice that America is learning to appreciate once again, after years of its absence from the political scene and, to a large extent, in the general population.  President Trump “stood on principle” (that is remained faithful to America’s principles) recently when he spoke to 53 Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia; as well as to NATO leaders; and to G7 Summit participants.

Standing on principle is never the easy road to travel.  And the individual who stands firm for the right things is often reviled for having done so.  However, the practice of defending core values forms the central tenet of what we stand for in America and for what has made America, and Americans, a fine country and a fine people.

Standing on principle is something that In-N-Out Burger has done for approximately seventy years – their menu is essentially the same now as when they began; they still don’t franchise; and heat lamps, freezers and microwaves remain strictly forbidden on their premises.  Congratulations to In-N-Out Burger for figuring out how to continue their good business practices while standing firm and unwavering on the central features of their enterprise!

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Dr.Billie Blair
Change Strategists, Inc.

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