Parity and Polity

Our dogs expect equal treatment – when one gets a treat, the others expect equivalency – the same, or similar. A lesson in management: Your employees feel the same way – make sure that your reward system reflects equitable standards of parity. When one employee is rewarded for a behavior, difficulties will be created if the reward structure doesn’t reward others who have performed similarly – nothing erodes morale, and thus, motivation, faster than favoritism.

In sharing a treat tonight, four dogs clustered around to “help” with the task of eating a Cliff Bar (peanut butter crunch is the favorite). The small bites are presented to each in turn, in the same revolving order. The dogs understand and respect the system of political government. Each awaits his or her turn. When an offered bite was dropped before reaching the intended mouth, the other three waited for the rightful owner to retrieve the bite before continuing to receive theirs. No one tried to snatch the treat away for themselves. When you reach this level of trust and confidence among your employees, you will have achieved a great deal. Some CEOs believe that snarling competition among their employees is healthy and useful for gaining greater achievement – that usually is not the case. Far more is gained by healthy collaboration and teamwork as well as the constructive brainstorming and sharing of ideas, innovations, breakthroughs.

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