Big Logs (Big Dogs) and Their Management

We have a 10-month-old Great Dane puppy – her sheer size makes her a “Big Log” in our home organization – using the schema from the book, HOW TO BULD A FIRE: THREE EASY TAKE-AWAYS FOR GETTING YOUR COMPANY GOING! One might think, talking in terms of the analogy schema of the book, that Big Logs can take in big chunks of things and do quite well by them – that is, that those who are the Big Logs in your company can be fed bigger chunks of information, given bigger tasks to complete, and so on – and, that by virtue of their being Big Logs, can bring about successful outcomes with ease. Not so, our experience with the pup would suggest: no matter her size, she still requires small bites of things in order to process them well. Think about this when you’re working with your Big Logs – it’s a lesson to be learned.

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