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The Change Strategists, Inc. MISSION is to provide organizational leaders with the tools, skills and solutions to purposefully effect direction, performance, and results.

Change Strategists, Inc. is comprised of organizational psychologists and corporate specialists whose expertise has assisted business leaders for fifteen years.
Specialty Areas Include:

  • Identifying Corporate Strategies.
  • Mobilizing Change Efforts to Gain Business Advantage.
  • Developing Leadership and Workforce Talent.The company maintains offices in Los Angeles, CA and Round Rock, TX. There are 45 PhD and MBA professionals who work with executives and other leaders internationally and on the North American continent - wherever our clients have business interests.

    Our professionals assist businesses and corporations in processes to promote Strategy Development; Organizational Change Management; Leadership; and Personal and Professional Effectiveness.

    Dr. Billie Blair, the firm's president, states that "Chaos Management" will be a central practice in the new leadership of the 21st century. Our processes focus executives on central features of manageing chaotic environments - the new reality.

    "We enable corporate leadership to handle change more quickly and effectively with the least impact to the corporate identity."